How To Design Your Bathroom Right Location! – Step by Step Guide (2019)

Bathroom Design

In This Post, Today I’m Going To Tell You How To Design Your Bathroom Right Location.

I Cover All Bathroom Element, Size, Right Location, Light,  Colour.

So Let’s Start

What Is Bathroom?

The bathroom is where the work of washing hands, bathing toilets, etc. is done in secret.

When you are thinking of designing a bathroom, it is important to keep the bathroom in a home that everyone can use. A bathroom is divided into two parts. The bathroom, toilet.

Bathroom Design

There are two types of bathrooms:

  1. Common Bathroom
  2. Ache  Bathroom

Explain the function & location of bathroom :

Bathrooms are used for bathing, washing, washing hands, urinating and so on. But the modern modern use of the bath can be used in different ways, the bathroom is widely used. For example – sunbathing, washing dishes, changing clothes, etc.

Bathroom Location:

Usually, it is necessary to build a gasoline room with each bedroom, but in the real case, most of it is not possible. This is because of space shortages, economic difficulties, positional difficulties, interruptions for various combinations, etc. All of these problems are addressed in different ways.

Typically Roof – All homes have a Bath / Toilet with a master bedroom. One for the guests and one for the house – a common bath/toilet for everyone. Bath / Toilet – One of the walls should be on the outside so that it can get enough natural air. Its location will be in a place of airflow so as not to damage the interior or exterior of the home.

In determining the location of Bath / Toilet, various types of water supply, sewerage should be kept in mind so that it is possible to give different combinations at low cost and with little effort. It is located in the north-south for religious reasons. Bath / Toilet at the entrance of the house, you need to be careful.

You can now find out what materials and Fixtures are used in the bathroom.

The materials and fittings are discussed below:

When it comes to designing modern-day bathrooms, the combination of Finnish materials, sanitary engineering equipment, lighting, colors, and accessories is absolutely essential.

Regardless of the size of the bathroom, you need to keep a close eye on how its space can be used to its fullest. Bathroom fixtures must be consistent with their style, function, and price. One of the most basic and highly regarded bathroom fixtures is Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers, and Toilets.

They are very comfortable in the bathroom, so they need to be long-lasting, practical, and attractive to look at. Modern bathroom fixtures are available in a variety of colors and materials.

There are some luxury fixtures such as Soaking tube, programmable showers with multiple heads, foot messaging whirlpools and Heated Compartments towels | For robes.

These show the hostility of the house. Also separate towel bar, shower seat, heated towel | Bar, robe hooks, supplemental shower, etc. increase the bathroom’s Pampering factor. Sink used in the bathroom is of various materials. Such as Porcelain, Stainless steel, Vitreous China, Fiberglass reinforced plastic, Simulated or Cultured marble, Ceramics, etc.

In addition, various styles of Sink include Pedestal, Wall hung, Variety, etc. Bathtubs and various. Materials such as – Enameled steel tub, Enameled cast iron, Fiberglass reinforced plastic tubs, Marbel composition tub, etc. Tiles are one of the Finnish materials in the bathroom, which enhances the beauty of the bathroom in many ways.

Tiles of different sizes, colors, and materials are available. Such as – Tumbled marble tiles, pebbled stone tiles, hand-painted tiles, multicolored tiles in uneven borders, vinyl and laminate tiles, natural stone glass and Mosaic tiles, Glass and Stainless steel mosaic tiles, slate tiles, etc. Also Granite, Quartz Countertops, Terrazzo, etc. as the material of Countertop.

Non-slip flooring materials must be used in the choice of bathroom flooring materials. Ceramic, vinyl, and stone are the most commonly used materials. Also marble, laminate flooring. Terrazzo tiles, Slate tiles, Recycled rubber flooring, Translucent glass floor tiles are used.


Bathtub Image

It comes in various shapes. It is made of ceramic steel or any metal. It is rectangular in most cases, but the square round oval etc. is available in the bar. Water arrives on arrival and drainage is done by emission.



Basin is used for hand and mouth care. It is made of porcelain, ceramics, and steel. In the market Basins of different shapes, sizes and colors are available.

Basins are generally of two types. Namely:  Wall hung basin Pedestal basin There are also several types of basin – Cabinet Basin, Corner Basin.

The distance of walls or other fixtures from the center of the basin is kept at a minimum of 45 cm. The bathtub and the sink of the gasoline go in the mirror. Self, shelves, etc. can be kept.

The mirror touches the water. It should be placed a little away so as not to fog. Basins also need to be placed in areas that are covered by the ala and are definitely not in the path of movement.

Water closet:

The water closet is used to perform the toilets. There are two types of the water closet. Namely – Indian type and European type.

Indian type:

This type of water closure is called a pan. The cistern is used to purify the pan by providing water.

European type:

This type of water closet is high and it is called a comedy. Laid-down is used to supply water to the comma. Comment, pans, lay-downs, etc. are usually porcelain and. Cisterns are usually made of cast iron, porcelain


Urinals are usually made of porcelain only for urination. Walls or any feature edges. | Minimum distance 37 cm Mr. (15 “). The water closet should be located in the direction of movement. Depending on the functionality or layout of the three main fixtures of the gasoline, the efficiency of the gasoline depends on the gas. For drainage of water – The slope is an important thing – water is frozen without proper shielding.

Size of various fixtures used in the bathroom:


Bathtub :1.50m-1.65m x 75 cm

               (5’-0” Or 5’-6” x  2’ -6” X 1’-3”Height)

Water closet : 60 cm x 37.5 cm Depth .


Lav. basin area : 90 cm x 90cm x15cm Height


Shower floor : 75cm x 90cm or 120 Square .


Wash hand basin: 60cm x 50cm (45 x 45) cm Depth And a height of 75 cm from the floor.


Soap tray : 20 cm x 60cm x 2.6cm x 7.5 cm from floor to height .


Towel Rail: 2.5 cm Diameterx90 cm x 165 cm from floor to height.

Mirror : 37.5cm x 60 cm x 135 cm from floor to height .


Colour and light:

Depending on the color of the bathroom, color combinations of Finnish materials and other fixtures used in the bathroom are usually used in Black, White, Pink, Blue, Green, Red, yellow, etc. Apart from this, color combination is done to bring out the attractive appearance Examples – Black and White, Red and White, Pink and Beige, Yellow and Black. Orange and yellow, purple and white, etc. In this case, Celling paint will be soft hues and the floor color will definitely be darker.

Spa-like dreamy bathroom for aqua, There will be a combination of cream and deep red. Warmer feel for Orange, Cream, and Burgundy. Natural and artificial lightings affect the bathroom’s color scheme. Light and Bright colors should be used in bathrooms where there is no window or air movement is limited. Thinking of giving Dark Color in the Bathroom .

Bathroom Colour and light

The bathroom is thought to be Bronze or Nickel Finish.

Bathing Lighting controls the entire bathroom environment. Incorrect lighting fixtures can cause bathroom in flattering shadows. When you combine Bathroom Light with the Dimmer Switch, the level of light on the bathroom can be found.

Recessed and overhead lighting is applicable to the light ceiling bathroom. It will be in the Ceiling of the bathroom, not over the mirror of the bathroom. Because it can create Shadow. Lamps and Chandeliers Provide Ambient Lighting In The Bathroom With Elegant Look In The Bathroom .

Bring in the beauty of the bathroom and bath. Besides, Halogen bulbs, Fluorescent bulbs, LED lights, etc. Accent lights are used for the countertops, above the Strip light bathroom mirror, where the teeth. Brushes, sewing, make-up, etc. are used for the purpose, which requires regular alai.

Lighting should be provided through a waterproof lighting fixture in the Shower area. In the bathroom, in order to get safe and attractive lighting, you must first make sure that you are certified electrician so that you do not have any problems later.


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