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Kitchen Design

In Today’s I’m going to Show You exactly Different Type Of Kitchen.

In Fact, All Design Should Know This Topic.

So Let’s Know

The basic shapes of the kitchen room:

The shape of the kitchen depends on its function and the number of appliances used. To enhance the functionality of the kitchen, the main work area is divided into three parts and brought into a triangle.

kitchen room Shape

Work triangle In the kitchen plan, the main three things must be in place and the functional triangle must be within the specified boundary. The kitchen is divided into some shapes, keeping it functional.

The different shapes of the kitchen are discussed below.


U-Shaped Kitchen :

-This is a U-shaped kitchen to look like the English alphabet U.

-It can sometimes be more than one shape.

-This kind of kitchen is very practical in practical terms.

-U-wide kitchen management requires less range.

-The sink is located in the bottom (center) of the U and in the opposite direction is the oven and refrigerator placement on two arms.

-The distance between the two arms of U is 11.2 meters to 1.5 meters. This type of kitchen is considered very useful in small houses.


Peninsula Kitchen:


-This kitchen is like a U-shaped kitchen, the only difference being that it has a part or a foot long.

-This type of kitchen can be used if the dining room needs to be adjusted directly or with the family room.


L-Shaped Kitchen :


L-shaped kitchens are called L-shaped kitchens in the English alphabet.

-Are usually located at the right angles.

-This type of kitchen is done in the case of two walls.

-When the size of the kitchen is large and different functions in the kitchen; For example, this type of kitchen is constructed when used as a meal system, laundry, etc.

-Different types of mechanical furniture, shelves, etc. are constructed on the two arms of L.

-This type of kitchen is not practical for small homes.

-You can set up an L-shaped kitchen if your home is large.


Corridor Kitchen:

-If the kitchen is too long and slender in shape because of the small space, this type of kitchen can be created.

-You can create this type of kitchen only when no walls other than the opposite side of the kitchen can be used.

-This type of management is less effective and not favorable to users.

-In this type of kitchen, the opposite is the placement of appliances on the long walls and doors and windows, etc. on the other walls. It is not possible to use walls to stay in any kind of structure.

One Wall Kitchen:

-One type of kitchen that has only one wall available for use is the one kitchen.

-This type of kitchen is constructed in the case of very small houses and extremely small and narrowly shaped kitchens.

-On one of these walls various equipment is installed. This type of kitchen is very functional.


Island kitchen:

-When the kitchen grows, an island-shaped kitchen is built.

 –Such kitchens will have shelves, shelves, doorways, etc. and various other types of appliances.

-In such a banquet, a separate focus or multiple tables are placed in the middle of the well. It looks like an island, so it’s called an island-shaped kitchen.

-On the island, various tasks like mixing, grinding, cleaning, etc. are usually done. However, it depends on the user.

-It is used as an auxiliary to the bungalow and can be done with ease on the island.

-Landi proceedings can also be done here but water drainage and water supply should be maintained. • The island has various drawers and cabinets.

-In such kitchens, there are various types of machinery assembly on the surrounding walls.

-Used equipment should be kept in mind so that it does not cause any obstruction during use.

-The island does not provide any type of condensation phone, water – gas supply, used dirty water, etc. In that case, the incense can be covered with a cover and made as an Ullman.


Family Kitchen:

-Family kitchens are usually referred to as playgrounds. Because there is no wall between the two houses. It remains open.

-It has all the kitchen facilities and is equipped with food or a family room. It is not normally open to guests using it by family members.

-Now there are usually light snacks and snacks.

-This Kitchen house has two parts – 1. Food preparation, 2. Food intake

-It is usually larger in size than other kitchens.


Preparation and cleaning:

Preparation and cleaning

In this section, various cooking ingredients are prepared and cleaned. The main equipment used here is Silk. The sink is steel or porcelain, but in modern homes, Steel | silk – is more commonly used. There are several types of the sink – single boul single tray, single bowl double tray, [double bowl double tray. It is usually placed at a height of 2 ‘- 6’ ‘.

Here the Disli washer is used to clean the bone-thin. There is a need to maintain a proper system for water supply and drainage. Separate water taps should be installed at a height of 1 cm, height from the floor around the sink to wash the large pot.


Cooking Center: This part is used for cooking a variety of products and mainly food. This part is used in the oven, oven, etc. The gas and electricity system is well managed. There is a place for parsimony next to the cooking center, this is called Pantry.


Base cabinet: The base cabinets that are arranged from the floor are called base cabinets. Under the stove, under the sink, under the counter, this almirah is located.


Wall cabinet: This cupboard hangs on the wall. Various content is stored in it. It can be made of wood or melamine board.

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