How To Design A Dining Room – Easy Step by Step Guide In (2019)

Dining Room

Dining Room: 

The fact that people take food in hunger for starvation has a substantial impact on their taste, taste or environment. With the development of civilization, a combination of kitchens, dining rooms, and meeting rooms was made.

The food needs to be created in line with the needs and interests of different families. Dining rooms are designed to suit the needs and habits of the residents of the building. The house where people take food to control their hunger is called food.


Depending on the preferences of the users, the food space can be divided into the following categories:

  1. The formal dining room separated from the living room.
  2. Formal dining room adjacent to the living room and connected to the door or opening.
  3. Dining space at one end of the living.
  4. Living cum dining.
  5. Breakfast room within the kitchen.

Dining Room Furniture Distance Colour Light:


The dining table is the essential furniture in dining room furniture. Dining room in small range | Its furniture is simple and light design is recommended.

The material used in furniture should be such that it can be easily cleaned. If the color of the dining table is darker then the color of the chair is light when the dining room looks very Casual.

Different Shape and Size Dining Tables are used, depending on the size and size of the room. Applying glass to the front side of the showcase used in the dining room, it is tempting to look at the glasses inside. In this case, the lighting system above the showcase looks interesting.

Furniture material may be of wood, metal or glass. The chair used with the dining must be of standard size for the seating so that the food recipient can comfortably take his food.

The size of the furniture used must be consistent with the size of the furniture when dining. In addition to the glass showcase, the cupboard is also used on the cupboard to hold the showpiece in the dining room.

Distance To Dining Romm Furniture Layout:

The dining room is usually located in the middle of the house, so the furniture used in the shape and size of the furniture from one furniture to the other is to be reasonable, otherwise, the efficiency of the room and dining room is lost.

 These Are Some of The Principles of Furniture Design In The Dining Room:

  1. 1 How many people have to decide how to arrange a seating
  2. 2 How much space to use for the table
  3. 3 The back of the chair should be kept in a quantified space
  4. 4 The seating arrangement has to be considered
  5. 5 You need to know the size and shape of the furniture
  6. 6 Storage space for storing glassware, etc. Have to keep
Here Is Some Table Size of The Standard Size Used In The Dining Room:




No Shared area

2′ x 2’6″



Minimum Size


2′ x 3′


Ideal Size



4 4′ x 2’6″


4′ x 3′


5′ x 4’6″


6 6′ x 2’6″


6’6″ x 3′


8′ x 4’6″


8 8′ x 2’6″


8’6″ x 3′


10’6″ x 4’6″


10 10’x2’6”  10’6″ x 3′


11’6″ x 4’6″


12 12′ x 2’6″


10’6″ x 4′



11’6″ x 5′




In the dining room, you can do both Decorative Lighting and Normal Lighting. Decorative Lighting is-

Chandeliers for dining: Chandeliers are one of the most attractive elements for decorating the dining room. From the table Surface, you have to hang the Chandelier above 30″ Sparking in the Glass Chandeliers dining room can be used to get enough room for Dining. No, because it makes the dining room look glamorous.

Pendant lighting for dining: If Dining is galactic then a larger Pendant light may be used. At present, adjustable Pendant lights are available, which can be reduced to a maximum height depending on the height.

Accent light for dining: Accent light is used for lighting at the edge of the dining table. Besides, Accent lights can be used on the other wall. The shade can be resisted by the appropriate position of the accent light.

Table lamp for dining: Table lamps of various shapes and styles can be used in dining tables. It is convenient to use as portable and portable.

Dimmers of dining: Dimmers are a good idea for the dining room. It encourages the use of Candle in the dining room to create a romantic atmosphere. Brilliant cheerful lights can be used for family dinners.

Dining Room Light:


Dinging Room Light
Dining Room Light

Before selecting the color of the dining room, the color of the furniture used in the room such as the dining table, chair, etc. should be taken into consideration.

Turmeric and cream usually bring a soothing atmosphere to the room. Yellow-friendly and sky-colored The color provides the atmosphere we usually talk about while talking to all the family together. If you want to create a dramatic atmosphere in the room, shades of natural or light colors such as cream, white and other walls, maroon, orange, red can be provided in the three walls of the room.

The color of the furniture in the dining room should be dark shades of mahogany. Light colors such as orange and red are not dramatic and dramatic. It is also an indication color that creates a welcoming environment in the room.

The use of light colors will be more prevalent while the darker paneling of the room will be. It is important to remember that cool color takes the human eye back and warm color moves the human eye forward. Therefore, the color selection of the room should be taken into account.

Light: Lighting is a very important part of any home such as important furniture and other decoration of the house. The lighting in the room should be so that the occupants of the house can move at the appropriate time. Appeared for food in a favorable environment.

When selecting the lights for the room. Of course, the size of the dining table and the light fixture should be appropriate space. Pleasing light is more convenient for formal dinner. However, in the case of Lighting of Dining, one must take into consideration the position of the Dining table, the size of the Dining room, etc.

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