How To Create A Great Quality Kitchen – Step by Step Process

kitchen room

Kitchen: Among the things that are considered as important for living in the realm are the importance of transportation and the food inherently associated with the resident.

Considering the quality and practical aspects of the food, it can be seen that there are some foods that are served directly and some foods that have to be consumed before serving. Nowadays, the kitchen is a laboratory for food preparation, where every day, food is being prepared in the right way with the various materials and equipment of our food inventory.

kitchen room design

In this work, the housekeeper creates the exterior appearance of various appliances, appliances or kitchens of his choice. Stay The kitchen is the home of a home from which family members are helped to create physical and mental development by living according to their interests.

The size of the kitchen can be either large or large. Generally, the size of the kitchen is determined by adjusting to the family’s financial preferences, resident’s interests, preferences or the size of the building. In order for a kitchen to be truly functional, it is necessary to allocate space for different types of activities, taking into account the space used properly.

In conformity with foodstuffs, a kitchen is divided into the following areas :

  1. Food Preparation area
  2. Food Storage area
  3. Food Receiving area
  4. Food Cooking area
  5. Food Service area

The kitchen is described below about where a home should be :

  • The location of the kitchen should be away from the living room so it is not easily visible.
  • The kitchen should be close to your dining room so that you can easily serve food.
  • It is best if the kitchen is in your backyard
  • Keeping the porch with the kitchen is good.

Define The Fixture Used In Kitchen Room:

The kitchen is the home of a home, from where food is prepared for the family members to their mental and physical development. In order to make a kitchen truly functional, it is important to carefully consider the materials used and its location, and assign it to a variety of activities. Different fixtures are used to complete the work in the kitchen.

  1. Sink
  2. Range
  3. Oven



Sinks for washing dishes, glass, etc., commonly used in kitchens and pantries Is used.

Different Types of The Sink:

  • 1 Cabinet Sink
  • 2 Soapstone Sink
  • 3 Kitchen Sink

Cabinet Sink: Cabinet sinks are usually connected to the cabinets. Cabinets of different designs are used to facilitate the cooking of kitchens. One advantage of the cabinet sink is that it can be taken anywhere. And can be placed where happy.

Soapstone Sink: Soapstone is an aesthetic sink. This sink can be made to any size you need. Soapstone Sink is easy to maintain.

Kitchen Sink: This sink is commonly used in kitchens, called the kitchen sink. It is usually made of steel or aluminum, easy to clean. It lasts a long time. And the lubricant is easily eliminated. This sink is usually available in the market at a much lower price than other sinks.

Different types of basins are used in the kitchen. Different types of basins are mentioned:

  • Wall hung type
  •  Leg type
  •  Pedestal type
  • cabinet type
  • Corner type

Different types of oven size:

The size of two burners in a gas stove:

Long    2’-0’’ X 3’-0”

Wide    1’-0” X 1’-6”

Height  0’-8” X 1’-0”

The size of one burner in a gas stove:

Long   1’-2’’ X 1’-2”

Wide    1’-0” X 1’-6”

Height  0’-8” X 1’-0”

Arrangement: In order to achieve the maximum benefit through the proper planning of kitchen appliances, the facilities of warehousing and warehousing facilities should be utilized for the management of kitchen appliances.

Traffic lanes: In the case of the work triangle in the kitchen décor, a good plan can provide ample movement. If the distance from the servants’ room to the kitchen is greater, the connection through the lanes should be protected.

Storage: Storage space should be kept for warehousing in the kitchen.

Refrigerator: It is a great place to store raw vegetables, food items and drinks. Cabinets should be made for the purpose of warehousing for work.



Counters and working surface: Working in the modern kitchen stands. You can do different tasks in the kitchen by creating table sheets such as Vegetable Cutting Preparation Service Cleaning, etc.

Servicing and Replacement of Appliances: The shape of the kitchen depends on the shape of the appliances. The fridge should be in the kitchen with a large appliances fridge wall. It should be easy to open the door and keep in mind that other facilities are available.

Lighting: As all food preparation activities take place in the kitchen, adequate lighting should be maintained. Lighting may be from the wall or hanging from the ceiling, but there may be more than one lighting system depending on the area of work.

Ventilation: There should be windows and ventilator systems. Exhaust fan needs to be used for proper ventilation. With a kitchen hood to keep the hot air out of the oven, proper ventilation should be maintained so adequate ventilation will be available.

Safety: The kitchen has to work most of the day. The appliances used here – the water piping drainage system for electrical wiring and water supply etc.

should be well maintained. The location of the stove in the kitchen must be considered. When installing the kitchen stove, you must place the stove along the window to make sure that the floor tiles are not too wet so that the tiles are to be used in order to avoid this.



décor depends on the appliances used in the kitchen. Applications must be spaced sufficiently for use. The kitchen should be easily cleaned and it should be easily washed and should be made of materials, such as tiles marble.

Washable paint should be used in case of paint. Kitchen cabinets used to be craftsmanship in the past, but now more are seen in flat designs. Bright colors can be used in the kitchen, such as yellow-orange cream, but there are currently no specific colors. Cool colors can be used. Such as green, blue, etc. The decoration will depend entirely on your interests.

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