How To Design Bedroom: The Best Guide (4 Type Bedroom Idea)

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This Post I will tell You How to Design your Bedroom.

And You will also know 4 Type Bedroom That Your Room Design. If You Are Excited to Know That

So Let’s Start.


People need rest and sleep to form a healthy body, just as they need nutritious food for a living. A third of the time is spent resting or sleeping and a place is assigned for this.

This place is known as the bedroom. Bedrooms are an important part of the home. With the advancement of science and the spread of knowledge, the interest in modern beds and cosmetics for the development of demand has led to the increasing awareness of the use of bedrooms.

Bedroom Design

Nowadays, the bedroom has ample aerodynamics, comfortable living, and rich advanced furniture, with private privacy. In addition, the planned bedroom is not just limited to sleeping, but it is also full of other related areas such as dressing room, bathroom, laundry area.

It is difficult to adopt a precise plan in the area, because, without it, it is not possible to create a comfortable and healthy environment.

Bedroom Functions:



Personally, some accessories can be tailored to the bedroom, such as studying music, entertaining friends, sharing, and relaxing according to the behavior and interests of the family members.

The number of bedrooms:

The number of bedrooms depends on the number of people living in the home. But generally every house has ahead of a house, a guest room, a house for children, but when the boys and girls are older, there are separate rooms for them.

  1. Master bedroom
  2. Children bedroom
  3. Guest bedroom
  4. General bedroom



The bedroom must be in a noisy secluded place. Because you come here to rest at the end of the day. If you can’t sleep comfortably, what is the benefit of the bedroom? For this, the bedroom should be in a good place on the house site, and the sweet sunshine in the morning enters the room. You have to look at that. This is why the bedroom must be in a noise-free area of ​​the house.


The Standard Size Of The Bedroom :

Bedroom Size

Bedrooms are meant to be where we are at the end of the day to relieve fatigue. The size of the bedroom will usually depend on the furniture you use at home, the size and number of furniture.

In a bedroom, there should be at least one single bed (in case of one), table and dresser on the side of the bed. But for the main of the house, the size of the master bedroom with double beds, side table, dresser, breakfast table, dressing area, and attached bathroom is to be determined.

On the basis of the location of the furniture and easy movement of the minimum 5 sq m. , The average size is 5 to 8 square meters. The maximum size is 5 square meters.

Is caught. The size of the bedroom is good if it is rectangular. There must be a certain size of the room depending on the design. There can be different sizes of bedrooms. However, there are some standard-sized bedrooms.

Below are the standard sizes for all bedrooms :

 Master bedroom :

14’-0” X16’-0”

12’-0” X14’-0”

12’-0” X12’-0”


Children bedroom :

10’-0” X10’-0”

10’-0” X12’-0”

11’-0” X11’-0”


Guest bedroom

12’-0” X12’-0”

12’-0” X16’-0”


Bedroom Furniture:

Depending on the size of the bedroom and the type of furniture you support, it depends on the type of furniture.

Bedroom furniture is commonly used in wood furniture. Various types of steel furniture are currently used, but if you are comfortable you can use furniture of various materials including cane and bamboo.

The size of the furniture used in the bedroom must be kept properly in position and distance between them. In this way, you will put furniture in the room so that it is comfortable to move.


Bedroom Design Considerations:

Bedroom Design Idea


  • 1. The privacy of the bedroom must be protected.
  • 2. There will be no room to move through the bedroom.
  • There is only one door in the bedroom, but more than one can have a Toilet / Bath and balcony.
  • 3. The bedroom should have adequate room – ventilation.
  • 4. After the installation of furniture, there will be movement.
  • 5. There should be adequate security.
  • 6. The bedroom will have at least two windows. But there will be no windows facing the other room.
  • 7. The bed position should not be seen directly.
  • 8. The closet arrangement in the bedroom is good.
  • 9. Furniture should be kept at least 5 cm from the wall. Separate porch with a bedroom.


How To Noise Control Your Bedroom:

The bedroom is a complete rest area. The noise disrupts the rest. Sound control is very important in bedroom planning.

You can control the sound by looking at the following topics:


1. The bedroom will not be on the main road. It will be located in the most humble part of the house.

2. Carpet, Porous walls and ceiling panels, etc. help to absorb noise.

3. If the carpet is in the upper room of the bedroom, the noise is reduced.

4. From floor to ceiling, curtains help to reduce noise.

5. Sound Curing Tiles help control the sound.

6. Trees, bush jumps on the outside of the bedroom – the bush counteracts the noise outside.

Glazed insulating glass windows and sliding doors help reduce noise in the two pavilions.

7. In hot weather, the use of an air-conditioner to keep windows and doors closed at all times makes the bedroom free from noise, dust, and rays.

8. The air is a very good sound reliever.

9. Closets can be used to free the noise from the side room.


Bedroom color:

The personal choice in choosing the color of the bedroom is big here. However, since you come here to rest all day long, the furniture used in the bedroom, including the ceiling, wall, floor tiles, curtains, should be the color that helps to bring peace of mind at rest.

Bedroom color & Light

In this case, we prefer the light color in the bedroom color selection. Men’s bedroom has light blue, medium blue or dark blue, light brown, etc. In the room of the girl is light pink or light banana leaf color. The interior of the room is extremely comfortable for relaxing to rest on the bedroom decor.


Bedroom lights:

Generally, the intensity of the ala up to the anterior aspect of sleep is high, but during the sleep period, a low ala environment is created.

The line used for Alexa should be positioned so that it does not fall directly on the face while resting or sleeping. Also, the door, window position and proper position of the room should be adjusted so as not to disturb the comfortable environment in Ala.

Decorative lighting is done in addition to ordinary lighting in the bedroom. | In this case, special light shade, the light stand can be used.



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