How To Selection School Place: Basic Easy Concepts [Info-graphic]

School Place

The location of the school should be in a place where lakes are low and noise-free. The school should be built considering the classroom, sports room or playground, common room, teacher’s room, principal’s room, office room, library, etc. This post discusses in detail the type and range of schools and their relationships, parking flows along with traffic flow diagrams, modification facilities, materials and drainage facilities for schools.

School Place Section

Determining area according to school type :

For the future expansion of the school, the visionary school governing council will designate a place for the school where there is sufficient space and available at affordable prices to facilitate future school expansion.

In many cases, the School Board of Directors assigns to all area-based Consulting Firms or nationally based Consulting Firms. People who have enough experience in all of this.

In addition to the planning, a large number of manufacturers and societies are visited. It provides a sure idea of ​​meeting demand accordingly.


The Site of an Educational Institution – When selecting, you must keep in mind the following topics:


(i) Nature of the Site The location of the Site in various areas such as urban areas, suburbs, rural areas (minimum and maximum area determinations), site utilization – buildings, application areas, playgrounds, raids, parking, and other services. Soil Condition – Water level, maximum flood limit, availability of construction materials, etc.


(ii) There should be a comprehensive role plan for the School Building. In the same city, in the same district, different high school or elementary schools of the same country, so that there should be good relations between them.


(iii) Present, future environment, financial, social and communal fulfillment.


(iv) Easy access to many types of services like electricity, water, sanitation, etc. You should have a thorough idea about the internal cost of the building vs. cost of land vs. the cost of land development etc.


(v) Having the privilege of being integrated with social planning. The possibilities for expansion of the building – such as size, spacing, and location – are reasonable.

The council was divided and discussed them :

Due to the different class activities of an educational institution, the educational institution needs to be developed across a broad area.

In an educational institution, there are separate classrooms for students or students. Because of the proper planning for the school or the teaching period. Planners and plan implementers.

The administrative affairs of the educational institute were controlled by the head of the educational institute. Various teachers and office-bearers played a special role in supporting him.

In the administrative structure, these individuals or individuals are required to have their own offices. Where they take all steps to control the functions of the duties entrusted to them.

Students spend more than half a day in an educational classroom. Students at school. Spending more than half a day, breaks or tiffins are arranged at the school.

In teaching. As the break refreshes the minds of the students, the arrangement of sports in the temporary setting of educational institutions.

To stay In keeping with this ambiguity, every educational system, including playgrounds, playgrounds or playgrounds, is provided.

Annual cultural events are arranged which are education The organization itself is held in the auditorium.

Appropriate distribution of the aforementioned material and space or space for a complete, well-planned developmental program.

Maintain mutual contact between material and field. A successful organization can be established through space or field distribution. The components and fields of pedagogy complement each other.

In an educational institute, all such education, including direct teaching, takes place in relation to related activities.

This makes it possible for students of each class, such as the Prayer Classroom, the playground for retirement teaching, the Auditorium for cultural events, as well as the separate room for the Head of the Prayer Education School, the common room for teachers and students,

the Office Room library. All of these things are one component of an educational institution. These components require separate spaces.

The following diagram shows the diagrams of different fields or ranges of an organization:

School diagrams


Parking system :

Students, teachers, guardians, and foreigners to travel to or from educational institutions. Different types of vehicles are used in Prayagon.

The students mainly use bicycles or bicycles to bring the students under their own management of the education system from corner to corner.

Private vehicles are used for the faculty such as a motorbike, car or microbus for management of the organization, buses, etc. Apart from this, parents of students from different institutes visit the institute with their own vehicles.

The above-mentioned thing happens on a daily basis, so it is very important to have systematic control of the vehicles. Otherwise, traffic congestion or chaos can occur, and accidents can happen at any time.

Apart from the regular issues, many vehicles arrive on the day of any formal affairs of the organization and it has been running for some time which is to be remembered to plan the situation at that moment. There should be enough free space for parking or vehicles.

Adequate distance between the parking area and the road for people to move should be kept in the plan. This will make it easy to avoid any kind of accident.

Separate arrangements should be made for pedestrians and vehicles entering and exiting the campus. You have to prioritize in the planning that both destinations are at an accessible level, especially within the organization.

The driveway has to be planned just as the vehicles used in the establishment can be positioned in parallel.

Recreational facility layout, materials and drainage facilities for the school :

School Place & Building

1.Recreational facilities: Regulatory system for an educational institution Urgent matters. Most of these demands are met through the sport. Besides, various social, cultural events are also part of this petition. In a plan to determine the area of ​​application, you must first focus on the landscape.

The grounds that are made for a sport that is meant to be played on the ground should be such that it can be easily cultivated with plants and vegetables. Because of the physical exertion and in the area where sufficient oxygen is required plants, vegetables can provide life.

If there is not enough room for gardening, the environment can be created by planting plants in the roof of the educational building, porch, tub in the surrounding area.

In addition to the playground in the design, the subjects of all parts of the educational institution should be presented.

The well-planned thing has to be as simple as possible. It is important to look at how an organization can get the best service through this design.


The following are some of the factors to keep in mind when designing:


  • (i) Classroom, students, visitors/visitors will be at the place of transportation, place of maximum benefit from the place of residence.
  • (ii) conservation of equilibrium position with different openings, etc.
  • (iii) Extensive layouts and future expansion facilities of the building.
  • (iv) Determine the optimal direction of sunlight and wind control.
  • (v) The proper position of the athlete and the spectator.
  • (vi) Determine the play area according to age, education, and type.
  • (vii) To have a neutral area within the various working areas.
  • (viii) Establish relationships with the surrounding community.
  • (ix) A program for children’s sports and education experiences.
  • (x) Proper slope control of drainage or drain.
  • (xi) Supervision and Security.



2.Materials for Recreation Surface: The quality of infrastructure that is taken for recreation must be of good quality. What’s bigger is the maintenance of the structure.

If the synthetic surface used for the sport has any defects or defects in the corners of its maintenance system, it naturally produces adverse reactions. Therefore, the maintenance system has to be given priority for all the filling machines.

If athletes have any potential for physical harm. If such goods or materials have to be used then arrangements should be made to avoid them.


Drainage system: An educational campus must have a proper drainage system. Heck, it is on the grounds of the maintenance of the campus of the educational institution or the grounds, ghats, roads. If there is no proper drainage system, there will be waterlogging on campus and.

The environment will naturally be damp. The outbreak of pathogens will spread around campus. Gradually, it will make the students sick, that is, the learners will be exposed to various types of rage, especially water-powered rage.

To get rid of this, you need to keep a close eye on the drainage plan. The organization should be designed in such a way that users of the building can easily drain the natural water from the campus, in addition to the water used for the storm.

Only if such favorable geographical facilities are not available, should artificial infrastructure be taken? Artificial In case of inefficient infrastructure, water pumps with full facilities should be provided so that the water can be easily removed.

Authorities must keep an eye on the campus environment of the educational institutes to ensure that the environment is always well-drained so that it does not get damp in the rainwater.

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