Landscape Design: The Design Best Idea For Beginners

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What Is Landscape?

Landscape Design is a new design that is designed to enhance the beauty of the land by changing the part or whole of the land to make it more aesthetically pleasing, more sophisticated and more adaptable than the previous condition.

One of the main ways to protect the environment is to plant different types of trees or shrubs. Not only does the tree provide natural beauty, but it also plays an important role in building a healthy body and a healthy mind.

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That is, people always worship beauty. Everything people want to present beautifully to others. It is not just an architect’s job to design or construct a building, in the case of architecture, how to design the architecture beautifully, the entire space can be utilized properly. Falls into the responsibility of (the architect). The beautifully crafted space here makes it a comfortable, healthy, pleasant and supremely comfortable place to be.

Thus the area around the structure is beautifully termed Landscape planning.

In order to meet the daily commute to the building, it is important to mention in the Landscape plan that all the necessary commodities – such as footpaths, driving paths, open courtyards, sanitation facilities, etc. – should be mentioned clearly.

For these reasons, drawing such a design can be considered as an essential aspect of every architect in the construction of a planned building. Without natural landscape design, no building can perform well.

Different types of trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, etc. are mentioned in the plan of the landscape. As a result, by planting trees in the right place, the balance of the environment can be maintained and the building attractive and comfortable.

In the design, the outline of the proposed building draws out landscapes that clearly indicate the location of different types of vegetation, such as boundaries, surrounding conditions – temporary buildings, ponds, ditches, roads, gardens, etc. The design is called a Landscape plane.


The importance of the nature of the landscape is described : 

The earth has been compared to the egg because of the surface layer of earth on the surface of the egg, the water level below the surface according to the white part of the egg, and the yellow part of the egg, with iron or other minerals in the center of the ground.

That is why the earth has been likened to an egg. Nature reveals itself to each human being according to its own motives or benefits. To the naturalist, the nature of the spider weave – in the opinion of the egg, and in the opinion of the fern plant – is a strange country.

Physical planner – To him, nature is an everlasting living, immortal, and on the other, a welfare entity. A Physical Planner – Knowing the essential aspects of the success of his or her plan and knowing nature.

A planner must have a close relationship with nature, with the strength and shape of all the prominent parts of nature.

For example, a review of history shows that the Kyoto city of Japan is the capital of eastern Japan and a city of a thousand years old. The city has been adorned with nature.

Each of its rivers – valleys, mountains, and forests – has been considered a blessing of the city during the planning of Kyoto, Japan. The city has grown as a modern developed city while keeping the natural environment unchanged.

For example, natural fountains have been turned into waterfalls by obstructing large boulders, but are not changing the course of the fountain.

Ordinary people, engineers, architects, researchers all have done their best to decorate the city. According to the city of Kyoto, we should all strive for the nature and environment around us.

Beautifully crafted in a well-designed way. Not just accepting from nature, but also giving something to nature. Thinking about us is a must.


Landscape Character:

In our mind, the rhythm of the whole scene and that alone creates true joy. The more complete this unity and rhythm, the more pleasing you will be to the field.

Measuring the precision of the rhythm and unity of the various elements of a Landscape area depends not only on the joy it gives but also on the quality of it, what we usually call beauty.

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Beauty is the precision of the interconnectedness of all parts of an object. Move to the surface of our earth or anywhere along the surface. On the shelves, however, we will see a field or area, where all kinds of natural elements are in place

A kind of rhythm or unity will be visible. In this case, what is naturally occupied is the characteristics of the landscape.

The external appearance or structure of the soil, the rock, or the structure of the mountains, even the animals are vibrant in different natural elements.

Standing at a corner of a large pine forest, it will be seen that all the pine trees have risen effortlessly to the cliffs, and on the uneven, uneven sloping hills, it seems as if the sky is trying to reach the green.

The paths of the forest are deeply shaded and narrow by large boulders that have been eroded or swallowed by fallen trees and water streams. Transparent water currents flow faster and

High-level waves turn into cavities and waterfalls, which flow steadily to the foot of the mountain. In the center of the lake, the shade of the surrounding green is seen through dark and gravel stones.

The rhythm and perfection abound in everything here, even when the brown bear arrives at the shore of the lake and stops sounding, which is well known in this environment.

By the leap of freshwater fish. Walking (walking through the water of the seabirds, swinging the wings. The sound of the kernel is all part of the scene and Landscape character.

The feeling we have in an area or field is generated by the natural Landscape character and the like. Spirits, depression, fears or surprises, these are not matters.


The beauty of the natural landscape depends on the following quality. :

The picturesque –      The graceful 

The ethereal –             The stark 

The bizarre –               The serene 

The idyllic  –                The majestic 

The delicate  –            The bold 


The natural landscape is character and varied, such as :

Mountain-       Plain Prairie

Canyon-          Sea Hill

River-              Desert Lake

Glen –             Stream Swarnp

Forest –          Pond Valley 


We call the absence of beauty “Ugliness.” “Ugliness” is created by the lack of unity between different elements of an object, or by the presence of one or more incompatible or unattractive elements.

We should try to conserve and intensify the basic aspects of the Landscape character for the development of the natural landscape area of ​​that site by taking into account only the visual shape or various aspects of the site.

So we must remove what is not out of the Landscape character and ensure that the appearance of this Character is increased or increased.


The following are some of the features that a landscape should consider when preparing an area or area in Landscape design –


  1. In addition to all other elements, physicality has to be given priority.


  1. The landscape design may be acceptable to most people.


  1. Do not harm the environment in any way.


  1. The effect of permanent materials or components will be greater.


  1. Must adapt to the culture.

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