Living Room: The Definitive Guide (2019)

Living room

Today You’re Going to learn EXACTLY About Living Room.  So Lets Start 

What Is a Living Room?

That place in the house first enters and the living room that the outside visitor has access to is called the living room. The one-time living room further enhances the beauty of the family.


Living Room Concept:



The living room makes the people living room that houses more not only does the living room house exude beauty, but the living room also has lots of furniture and it has to beautifully decorated with its atmosphere. 

One needs a lot to enhance the beauty of the room.  Living in the house, the mood of the people living in the house can be explained by the social status of family members. 

So living room food rooms should be designed differently. Interior design for the living room must be kept in mind as per the requirements of the people. 

An outsider saw the living room and got some ideas about the life of the man. So when designing the interior start from the ceiling lighting systems should arrange everything in color and furniture.


Why Living Room Colour:

Keeping in mind how the arrival of guests is usually the case with furniture arrange for seating as needed. Besides furniture, the color of the living room is very important.



]In the case of cooler in the living room, the color schemes are currently ionized. When choosing a paint for a living room, it’s important to note the amount of sunlight entering the living room. 

Natural paint is always a word and elegant for a living room. So oh, crème, gray, and brown are living rooms and clinical options that punish everyone. 


What Makes some color living room attractive:

  • Green color paint: it brings a feeling of vitality and cheapness to the living room and Green color as well as a little some in white or mixing in yellow. the color will make a very nice look in the living room.
  • Yellow color paint: yellow color, brings and blaming look to the living room to bring
  • Blue color paint: Use the Blue Color, Blue Red and Yellow Living Room to bring cool and refreshing look to the living room.
  • Brown color paint: Brown brings color to the living room classy. Most of the furniture is dark brown with a different look using dark green wallpaper. Brown and Green’s matchup brings the iconic Wood Pitcher. The contrast color is comfortable in the eyes.
  •  Red color paint: If the living room is full of luxurious filling, then the red color is good. The red color adds strength to work throughout the day. But you have to brae or red color on the two walls. Using too much red color will make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Orange color paint: Orange color living room dignity environment. It goes to the living room warm filling, but the red color has a more balcony color. Soft cups, living room furniture, screen color, etc. must be sewn Together. Do not suddenly see a black eye. 


The lighting of the meeting room is divided into three parts:

  1. General lighting
  2. Decorative lighting
  3. local lighting 


General lighting:


General illumination usually gives the whole room light. the arrangement is usually made from the ceiling and the walleye sports the cover is the lighting. this light usually used for kitchen 


Decorative lighting: 

Decorative lighting
Decorative lighting

Local lighting can be used for the purpose of publishing images of a particular sculpture. This type of lighting system is used in tables and owns, etc.


Local lighting:  


local illumination is used for certain purposes use for drawing and Painting.


Window Screen:


The add distinct beauty to the design of the room. The screen can be used and privacy is kept. Using the screen increases the beauty and outside dust can enter the room.

The use of the screen does not make the room sound louder and may not penetrate much outside.

The screen is made of cloth and can be easily changed. the color of the screen will make your living room look brighter and nicer. People living in the home can use the screen for various purposes.

Living room furniture is as important to the screen as it is to the screen and an important room. Interior design is considered incomplete if the living room screen is not used. So the living room interior screen is a symbol of beauty.



The living room furniture used and the distance to move should be maintained in order to make the living room pay efficiently.

Furniture is an important aspect of the living room interior. So to make the living room interior beautiful, the furniture needs to be neatly decorated.


Furniture should be sorted based on the size of the living room because it is always necessary to move the inside of the living room, this is why it is important to take care of the direction. Such two facing chairs should be kept at a distance of 60 inches. 360 feet should be kept for the main movement. Seating should be 60 inches away from the tv. 

Seating arrangements should be made within the 10 feet sit. Everyday furniture is being made in a very simple way. The design of furniture is tailored to the needs of the people.

Different things are usually kept in the room for sitting and using a wall rack. So that people from an outsider are fascinated by the beauty of the room.

Sofa cane furniture is used here as the living room is usually seated. Now in the market, there is a lot of very beautiful furniture available in simple which is even more beautiful after the room. so people and nowadays do not want to use one thing long.

Furniture should be chosen according to the size of the room. It will impress you with the beauty of your room.



Those Point are really  Is the importance of the home, you can live without this.

Which is the best for you?

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