How To Design Office Room & Building – Easy Step-by Step Guide (2019)

Office Room And Building Design

Office: The design of office buildings is rapidly changing. Because the building that is being used today (in the present) may not be used as the office. That’s why the design of the office building is rapidly changing. Technology, globalization and demographic revolution are used in the workplace. The office building is primarily a symbol of collective power.

Office Room

The office building will be located far away from the outside noise. Size of office buildings – The shape is largely dependent on the space. Because of this, there should be facilities for playing and natural light around the building. There are certain rules and regulations to follow when planning an office building. Following the rules and regulations, office buildings should be planned.

Office Space Planning:

Office Space Planning

The building is basically one of the public buildings. Because these buildings are mainly government, semi-governmental, or individual-owned. This building is used to support people’s livelihoods and perform various functions.

A wide staircase, elevator, escalator, toilet, in addition to the spacious entrance to the building. There are lights, fans, a large number of doors, a wide corridor, etc. 

space planning is the proper use of the range or space according to the work of the office, in order to achieve the maximum benefit in a systematic and planned manner.

General Requirements Of An Office Space:

The exact location of the office usually depends on the size of the office. These buildings can be skyscrapers, starting from the ground floor, which usually depends on your specific needs. Since these buildings are used for carrying out various activities in the course of living, the buildings must be very attractive.

When designing an office space, you must keep the following points in mind.

  1. Building height: The height of the office building that will usually depend on your specific needs. The height of the building depends mainly on the various buildings and other structures around the building, such as roads, traffic patterns, movement patterns, etc. Usually the maximum height of the building. The width of the front road and the open space between the building and the road shall not be more than two times the width of the front. However, if the width of the road is 23 meters or more, you can build buildings at any height.
  2. Entrance to the building: The main entrance to the office building should usually be along the main road adjacent to the building. It is recommended to have an elevator and staircase near the main entrance so that you can reach the designated floor of the building or the floor immediately after entering the building. The main entrance will have a reception room, a guest room and a toilet. Stay on Before deciding the entrance to the Office Building, there are a few things to keep in mind. Will the building be used only for its own office, rented or used for the office of others? Whether to rent a building for the ground floor. Whether the car has parking facilities at the Basement Floor of the building. In view of these issues, the entrance to the office building should be constructed.
  3. Elevator: The office building will have an elevator with the main entrance, these buildings must have at least two lifts. The elevator is mainly used according to the height and volume of the building. At present, lifts of various shapes and sizes are available in the market.
  4. Emergency ladder: Every building must have an emergency ladder. Because if the building catches fire or during an earthquake, there must be multiple stairs to get down quickly from the tall building. The main stairs should be placed in a place so that the road or the intersection with the staircase is aligned. If the office building is 18. If the height is 3 meters and above, the staircase must be approached. If the height of the building is high, there should be an emergency staircase.
  5. Buildings in frames: At present, the value of land is increasing and the tendency of high buildings in the land to increase the population rate in the city has increased in all sections. Basement Floor is being developed for car parking even in residential homes. Flat slab building with frame beam is becoming more and more day-to-day. It can be easily set up with a wall at the top of the floor at any time, keeping the view outside of the facility. The entire frame needs to be created while building the Office Building. According to the height of the building, the foundation can be built very easily by car parking at the Basement Floor with the foundation or foundation.
  6. Notification Bard: The office must have a main notice bard in addition to every floor. Traditional notice letters are used to inform everyone. The notice board is enclosed on one sidewall of the entrance. In order to catch the attention of the office staff.
  7. Mailing Box: Office Letters. In order to receive important documents, a letterbox with the main entrance is required so that the letter can be exchanged. Currently, the mailboxes are available in almost all offices.
  8. Office Corridor: The office corridor is calculated based on the width of the office building. The width of the office corridor needs to be at least 1.5 meters. The width of the large office area. Have to raise Corridor – There should be an adequate alarm system. Artificial ala must be arranged in the corridor if it is not available. In addition to corridor N ala, ventilation should be maintained. If not possible, ventilation can be done mechanically in the corridor. A false ceiling is commonly used in corridors. Therefore, by means of False ceiling, the duct can be used to mechanically ventilate the air. Duct equipment can be installed individually in the corridor of the building. As a result, it is relatively affordable to install pipelines individually.
  9. Exterior walls: The exterior walls of the office building mainly depend on the material, work, door, viewing window, office staff, etc.
  10. Directions: Car parking should be arranged considering the current and future car capacity of the office building. Proper signal control, Reservoir lanes, Divider Strips and Traffic control features should be provided.
  11. Information Desk: Each office must have a data center. Because the office should have an information center or information desk to find out where to pray, were to provide food, where to have a toilet and security measures.


  • There will be enough fans, lights, skylights for air.
  • Most door windows should be kept for easy and safe operation.
  • Each floor of Office Space should have a large Toilet Area and a large number of Toilet arrangements.


Different Areas of an Office Building:

Depending on the type of office, there are different areas of the building The office is divided into areas based on work. Depending on the work of a Consulting firm, for example, its furniture layout is different from a bank or ad firm or a stock broker’s office. But in almost all the office cases. Must have a general area. For example – the privacy range and range of people.


Primary Space / Area: The primary space of the office is basically the office. Depending on the type of work. The work areas included in this area include.

Work Station: Room for office work so that there is no chaos. Inside partition walls or partition walls must be provided. Office Work Field Chairs – Tables, Appliances | Made of equipment and may either have a screen or be empty.

Carrel: One or more screened areas may have a work area or a work station.

Personal Office: Private office largely depends on the wishes or needs of the individual. Who can create the office as he wishes? Space closed for one or more people. Which has a door and a pillar?

Cell: The clitoris is completely enclosed in space, where invisibility is maintained.

Team Room: This room is a closed space, which is a long-time working group. This client can use the client.

Group Space: Party Space is the outside of the working group. This range can be identified as Family Space. 

Meeting Points: Meeting rooms have an extended range of work areas so that informal meetings. Was held. 

Meeting Areas: This area has formal furniture arrangements for formal and informal meetings.

Meeting Rooms: Used in formal and informal functions with a closed range of meeting rooms. Electric Multimedia System, White Board, Audiovisual, Etc. There are advantages.

Supporting Spaces: Activities are arranged in the auxiliary range of all buildings. These areas include:

Reception Areas: Reception Areas are the places where visitors come in and collect information from different places. From here the reception and movement of the visitors is indicated. There is a reception desk and seating for guests to wait. It also has display systems and security and logistics.

Restaurants: The restaurant is basically a dining space. Where people get food in exchange for money. There are also various events, talks, rumors, etc. Everyone likes to spend time with family – friends, friends, loved ones in a different environment, and there is no restaurant for that. Now many restaurants are located along the river, on the side of a hill or along the lake. In addition to the food, the visual environment can be enjoyed. In the restaurant, the lacquer comes mainly to avail in addition to the food. Cafes are available for formal or. informal meals. Resource centers control all operations, such as papers, videos, electrical equipment. Control etc. So it is better if the restaurant is close to the lakeside. That’s why office restaurants are all about this Is done considering.

Gardens, Terraces, and Auditorium: Gardening is required around the office building. The use of gardens, gardens, etc. to enhance the beauty of the workplace and maintain the workspace, to create important working range or space for the use of the weather.

Training suites: To improve the quality of the work, there may be various training areas for training.

Presentation Suites: The display range may contain ‘other instruments’ in addition to the original papers or documents. Single room or auditorium Audiovisual and. Video – Conferencing machines can be rich. Inside the Reprographic Units. It can have documents (in House) and have Health and Medical Centers (Health Centers / Medical | CTRLFes, small range Gvm, Swimming Pool) as well as emergency and urgent medical services.

Daycare centers: In today’s modern age, women have become essential in various types of places like (garments), Dav – care centers in the workplace.

Ancillary Space: This place is usually the paper processing center, the documentation. Includes Refreshment Points and Toilets.

Service Space: This range mainly includes Mailroom, Service kitchen, Staffroom, Storage, Plant room, Security room. Circulation Space; Corridors and Passage, Lifts, Lift Lobbies, Staircases, Escalators, Refuges, Supplies and Delivery Areas are included in this range.

Off-site Space: Satellite Office, short and long term. Work areas, meetings, etc. are included in this range.

Home Space: Some practical and legal considerations may include a home range or a home space in the center of the office.

Third-party space: This kind of range is mainly Car Parking. Etc. its included.


Office Building Shape:

Office Building

One of the inventions of the modern era is the skyscraper. Extensive research began in the early 19th century on how high a building can be built. These buildings are now used as offices of various kinds.

Being The size and shape of an office building depends largely on the space. Square rectangular than a cell. The efficiency of the room is high. Maximum space is used in the building constructed on the income tax plot.

In the figure below. The triangular office building has been designed considering the maximum availability of air – ala. Entrances and emissions paths have been more favorable, but the surrounding range has been more wasted for this benefit.

The value of the present space is therefore very high and the emphasis is on a rectangular shape with the emphasis on a maximum utilization of the site.

Traffic Pattern:

The layout of the movement is from one room to another in the office building In the toilet, in the corridor, on the porch, you can move seamlessly through the use of stairs. The range is empty. Part of the space is the movement.

When an architect designs office buildings, people and cars travel. Design the space required. Sufficient space should be arranged for the movement of guests, officers, employees, etc. There should also be ample space for the delivery of office goods, wide stairs, corridors, and elevators so that officers and employees can move freely from any floor and room at the start of the office.

A person has a space of 7 square meters to move horizontally. The same floor – The movement of entrances between different floors or between different rooms.

Horizontal circulation is known as passage corridor, lobby, fire, etc. Stairs, escalators and elevator cages are used as Vertical Circulation. Primary Circulation: 1. 5 – 2. 0m2 + Secondary 09 – 1. 5m2 + Tertiary Circulation 0. 55 – 0. 75m2 + Lift Lobbies 3. 0m2.


Define Efficiency And Simplicity:


Efficiency: By conducting proper coordination of all the kadis organized inside a building for the benefit of the present and the future, and analyzing the effectiveness of the building, it creates the need for it. Is included. If the site of the office building is adjacent to the main road.

The lower floor can be built for different types of shops, which provides a lot of income for the owner. It improves the functionality of the building.

The office building is usually constructed with a flat slab based on the frame structure. So that at any time, the partition walls can be changed according to the size of the liaison, and if there is the advantage of any type of layout according to the voyage, the functionality remains.

Various activities continue in the office building. By coordinating these activities, effectiveness is preserved.

Simplicity: plays an important role in the interior design of the office building. The functionality and simplicity of the office building – its design depends on each other.

It is necessary to design the office building while maintaining the simplicity of the exterior and interior design. The

The simplicity and functionality of the office building depend largely on the exterior and interior design.

The design should be prepared with a view to ensuring that there is no inconsistency in the interior decoration of the building being used.

Office Building For Site Section:

Depending on the functionality, the site of the Office Building is selected. The effectiveness of the office building depends largely on the site selection of the office building. Therefore, some things must be taken seriously in the site selection of the office building.

Office Building The value of land in this area is higher than in other cities and suburban centers. Therefore, when building a building, it has the advantage of keeping its Basernent floor for car parking. If the building is taller then ground floor and parking are used.

There should be roads on both sides of the site so that all the work can be done on one side of the road, at the entrance to the other side, and parking the cargo along the road on the other.

Also, if there is a fire, earthquake, etc. in the case of danger, there should be wide roads to provide emergency services and rescue work on the emergency site.

The Office Building site should have a playground and natural facilities surrounding it.

In addition, to enter the air at the stairs, corridors and other rooms, the official site should be selected in the open space.

The office building’s site transportation and inspection system must be standard and error-free. Because commercial work is done in this office building.

The profits of merchants are so easy to relate to the leisure period. You have to select the site where you want to go.

Besides, it is useful to have a site of a building – postal, telephone, electricity, water, gas supply.

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