Restaurant Planning: The Ultimate Information Guide For Beginners

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In This Post, I will tell you How to Restaurant Planning Easy.

If You’re a Beginners and you decide Build Restaurant So You’re In Right Place.

So Let’s Planning.


The restaurant is a dining space. Where people get food in exchange for money. It is done to talk about these rumors and rumors.

Family – family, friends, loved ones, everyone likes to spend time in a different environment, and there is no restaurant pair.

Now many restaurants are located along the river, on the side of a hill or along the lake. In addition to food, two environments can be subdivided.

In the restaurant, the lacquer comes to the restaurant in addition to the food. So it is better if the restaurant is close to the lakeside.

A restaurant is a place of food. Where people get food in exchange for money. Family – Everybody loves to spend time with their loved ones in a slightly different environment, and this is the job of the restaurant.

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Don’t have Because now many restaurants are located along the river, on the side of a hill or along the lake. It does.

In addition to the food, the visual environment can be enjoyed. Many restaurants now serve food inside and outside. Some restaurants have all kinds of food available.

The list of foods in these restaurants includes Chinese, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai fast food, etc. Based on the restaurant food list. There may be different types. In some restaurants all kinds of food are available.

To satisfy all customers at the restaurant, Prayajan serves food on time. Now some restaurants are also on boats, buses, tram trails, etc.

However, many restaurants now also work formal processes, especially weddings, birthdays, office parties, etc. But these are again called convention or community center.


The Initial Plan For Building a Restaurant :

There are a few things to consider before building a restaurant. However important is the plan The restaurant should be built keeping in mind how many places the restaurant will be, how many lakes will be available, how many places will be served? As per the plan, determining its construction cost, proper management of the range, etc. is very important.

The first thing you need to think about when building a restaurant is to think about it:

(i) How many lakes will work here.

(ii) the amount of transport equipment to be used and the amount of space used for it.

(iii) the amount of food available.

(iv) How many places will be allowed to serve food?

(v) How much is usually the food area?

(vi) Ala will have a good system of air ventilation.

(vi) How much space will be required for movement?

(vii) Provisional lighting shall be provided.


Thinking about the above-mentioned issues, you need to plan the distribution according to the range. In addition, the restaurant needs to split its working areas based on the activities it performs, such as:


(i) Dining area

(ii) Production area.

(iii) Serving area

(iv) Receiving and storage area

(v) Sewage area

(Sanitation area) etc.

There will also be lighting, music and play arrangements in the restaurant. The point is that any visitor should actually have the privilege to satisfy him.


Determined Area Based On Different Tasks :

Indoor space splitting: Inner space comes first with dining area, kitchen, serving area, etc. Payson having a good range of movement.

Seats can be arranged in different ways, such as rectangular-based, square-based, module-based angled, booth-based assemblies.

Allocation of 18 to 20 square feet of space for each customer; 11 – 14 bog feet for fast food snacks. 12 – 15 square feet of living space for comfortable seating; And the chair has at least 2 ‘space for the chair. The spacious seating area is 20 to 40 square feet and the roof size is 6 to 12 square feet.

Prior to dividing the restaurant, it is important to first decide on the entrance.

However, based on the work done in the restaurant, it is necessary to have 60% of the dining area and 40% of the kitchen for the kitchen and 40% of the kitchen must be determined.

Some things you must keep in mind when building a restaurant are the seating arrangements and how

Suppose a restaurant has a space of 5000 square feet, its seating will be 200.

That is, 60% of the dining area = 3000  square feet and

40% kitchen and other areas = 2000  square feet.


List of seating in general:

  • (i) Table service.
  • (ii)Counter service.
  • (iii)Booth service.
  • (iv)Banquet service.
  • (v)Quick service.
  • (vi)Cafe service.


Need for a Dinner:

restaurant dinner

Very important hula dinner at a restaurant. There are good arrangements for the restaurant to accommodate the individual.

Food and seating arrangements should be arranged in these restaurants according to the needs of the people. Many people like to eat specially for themselves.

There should also be a separate space for people who especially like to eat. Here you have to arrange all types of seating for the benefit of the individual.


List of general seating arrangements for 1-12 people and how many people can sit at the table:

Usually, the tables we use to eat are varied and the dining tables are of various sizes and shapes. The dining table needs to be designed depending on the location.

Because of how much space the table will be used, everything needs to be designed. If there is a larger range then you can use a rectangular or square table.

And if the range is truncated, then there should be a checkered table. The table below lists the number of lakes that can be accommodated or the amount of food available for sitting:

Restaurant Planning

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Place and service to be settled in the Banquet system :

In the Banquet system, everyone – all family members or friends – are all in a home environment, singing, chatting, story-telling.

Its seating layout will be the same as the seafarer seat. Here is a table, along with some chair arrangements in a bankrupt manner.

It can be of various shapes: It should be galvanized, L-shaped, U-shaped, rectangular bench seats, chair seats, and high padded seats.

In this case, there is less chair space and occupies less floor space than necessary. It should keep the confidentiality, intimacy and mutual trust strong. Because of this, there is no traffic pattern or movement roads around the hull.

The table height for this seat should be at least 30 “. And the seats are 18 “for each seat.


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