School Building Interior: The Completed Guide in (2019)

School structured

What is the School Building?

A school building was constructed in front of several rooms, including a private classroom, separate rooms for the HeadMaster Mahade, offices, separate common rooms for students and students, library rooms, separate rooms for sports, various laboratories. Room, first aid room, toilet or toilet should be mentioned.

school building

The following is a discussion about the furniture layout of the various rooms of the school building:

#1. School ClassRoom:

Classrooms need to be structured, with a system of 30 students taking advantage of lessons. Students should have a bench – bench or chair – table throughout the entirety of the ClassRoom. Chairs and tables should be arranged for the classroom teacher on one side of the room.

The teacher should arrange a blackboard or whiteboard on the back wall of the mahd.

Students need to arrange the classroom space in such a way that each student can follow the teacher in front of them and receive their instruction.

The teacher also needs to make sure that he/she can easily see each student clearly and can appear seamlessly in front of every student.

School Class Room

In order to implement the facilities mentioned above, some teachers should align their class desk or chairs – tables four per line in a horizontal manner.

Some teachers can use Desk Shape in U shape or semicircle. The seating arrangement should be so that a teacher can keep his or her student’s insight and approach each student.

Teacher Mahadeo also helps strengthen his student’s mood, as the teacher and the student’s perspective fall on each other during the teaching activities.

As a result, each subject is easily entrusted to the student. Apart from this, this will also help the students to attend class, raise awareness.

In the main, all the work of the school, such as admission work for the students, salary/money transactions, work related to providing regular record-keeping information about the students’ education.

In other parts, the work of the remaining schools is done. Cashier – has a highly secure Vault system.


#2. School Principal’s Room:

In each of the school rooms, the principal or the teacher’s room is known as a very private room. That is, the head of the school in which the school sits conducts its various activities.

The furniture used in the room of the headteacher to perform the functions of the headteacher – chair, table, surf set, shelf, cupboard, etc. The furniture mentioned above is inserted in such a way so as to achieve maximum work benefits.

The Head Teacher or Principal is usually located in the middle of the room. There are an additional three or four chairs in front of his desk for parents or outside visitors to sit on.

One side of the room should be kept in a spare room. The wall adjacent to the main teacher or principal’s desk contains cupboards, shelves that are used to hold various papers or files.


#3. Library Room:

A secondary room should be allocated for the library of the school building used in each secondary school, wherein the collection of books in the various classes of the school is to be kept.

It is also necessary to collect books on non-textual subjects in the library. Arrangements should be made for the placement of the book shelf to keep the books neatly along and in the middle of the room walls.

School Library Room

These book shelves should be kept in a consistent manner according to the type and size of the book. Bookshelf are fitted separately for arts, commerce, science departments. On each shelf, arrangements must be made to print the names of the sections.

The height of the shelves is not more than 2 .10 m. Each shelf must have a minimum of six to divide it. Wood can be used in the library – both types of steel shelves can be used.

A door should be used to enter and exit the room within the library. The chair of the librarian or the responsible teacher will be at the table adjacent to the table.


Furniture Distance:

School furniture

The type or nature of the furniture is selected according to the type of room used. There is no hack in the room, no matter the hack used for work, there is the furniture inside the room. The number of furniture is also determined according to the size of the room.


 The following are the things to decorate with furniture:


1st Tips:

The main furniture within the Principal Mahadev room is  Executive Table and Executive Chair. By placing the table in the middle of the room, it has the headmaster or the executive chair of the principal, with multiple visitors’ chairs for the visitors to sit on the other side.

Each chair should be at least 0 .10 meters to 0 .15 meters away from the table. 0.50 meters or more is placed behind the chair so that the chair can be moved backward and placed easily.

Sofasset has to be arranged to accommodate additional visitors in one part of the room which is the chair of the principal. Minimum 1 from the set. Keep it at a distance of 5 meters.

There is a play shelf around the table of the principal or the headmaster, where general documents or documents are kept. At the other end of the room should be placed multiple steel armaments, multiple file cabinets to hold important papers or documents.

Each cabinet file cabinet is 0 to one as well as the other. The distance is 15 meters to 0: 30 meters. The notice board is hung on the wall facing the chair of the Headmaster or Principal, where the important notice is hung.

2nd Tips:

The goal of the students in the classroom is to equip the bench/bench, or chair/table so that each chair/table or other rows from the row of the bench / high bench is at least 1. It is 20 meters.

One row bench / high bench or chair/table together at least 1. 00 meters will cover the space. There should be a transit path with two fertilizer median spaces, which is recommended to be at least 1.00 m.

The position of the teacher is at least 2 from the first row of the students sitting. Must be at a distance of 5 meters. Blackbeard or Whitebird minimum 2 from the first row of students. It will be 50 meters away.

Chair of the Teacher – The position of the table will be in the middle of one side of the classroom, with two rows in the opposite position of the passage between the teaching seats.


3rd Tips:

The furniture layout of the office rooms will be according to the number of officers – employees appointed in the office.

There will be separate chairs and tables for the officer. Each chair – table will be arranged in alignment as well as in the facing position. As well as a set of chairs for positioning – another set from the table. Chairs – Table Minimum 0. It will be 90 meters away. Minimum 1 for keeping chairs and tables in facing position.

It is recommended to stay at a distance of 50 meters. Chairs – On the other end of each of the table sets, additional chairs can be arranged for the beginners to sit for a while.

In such a position, the distance between the chair-table sets is a minimum of 2. It is recommended to be 0 meters. Table – The chairs on each side must have enough space behind each chair, which is a minimum of 0, for easy and easy use.

It is 30 meters. In addition to the chairs and tables in the office room, there is an empty shelf for keeping papers, cupboards which are at least 0 in the vicinity of the chairs.

It should be kept at a distance of 45 meters. Distance from one cupboard to another is 0 as well. 0 to 15 meters. 30 meters should be kept. The sprawling shelf is placed adjacent to the table so that it can be easily retrieved or retained.


4th Tips:

The bookshelves are sorted for books depending on the size of the library room. In the case of library rooms, the bookshelf is arranged along the walls of the room to a lesser extent.

In addition to the bookshelf along the walls in the case of a large range of library rooms, the bookshelf is arranged in alignment between the rooms. As well as decorating the bookshelf, the shelf touches one another. In the case of the shelf in the middle, each shelf is 1 to the other.

It is kept face-to-face at a distance of 5 meters. Each shelf in the middle has another shelve on the opposite side. Thus, numerous books are displayed.

At one end of the library are tables and chairs arranged throughout the library for students to read books. Each table is long and has multiple chairs on either side of each table. The distance between each chair is 0 as well. 0 to 15 meters. It should be 30 meters.


The Distance Of Furniture From The Wall :

It is natural to have furniture inside the room, but the presence of too much furniture makes the room uncomfortable for use. Therefore, careful consideration should be given to the selection of furniture in each room. To increase the durability of the furniture, the furniture is fixed to the wall. Must be safely equipped at a distance.


For this reason, the following things should be followed:


  • Classroom Bench – Highbench or Chair – The table row is at least 0 from the wall. Must be at a distance of 45 meters.
  • Shelves adjacent to the walls of the library Min 0. Should be kept at a distance of 15 meters.
  • Table 0 from the wall used for computers or similar electrical appliances. Should be kept at a distance of 30 meters (minimum).
  • If the height of the furniture 2. The furniture is minimal from the wall if it is 10 meters or closer. | 0. 30 meters is good.
  • The distance of the wall from the chair on either side of the center table of the common room of the school is 0. 75. There will be a meter so that the person sitting in the chair can also travel backward.
  • Chair in the classroom – minimum 1 from the wall of the table. Must be at a distance of 00 meters.
  • The minimum distance from the wall to the chair is 0, in the case of chairs or similar furniture that needs to be moved regularly. It should be 45 meters.
  • If the height of the furniture is 0. If it is within 750 meters, the furniture should be kept 0, 15 meters away from the wall.
  • Classroom seating is a minimum of 0 from the back wall. It will be 60 meters away.

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