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Sources Of Design:

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The whole of nature is a treasure trove of knowledge. From ancient times, humans worshiped knowledge through nature analysis.

The aesthetics of nature simply captivates us. The main points of inquiry and observation of the nature of natural design are – structure, layout, and style.

The format means context, size, shape and practical and technical matters. Formatting means that in the natural design, the interaction of the parts with the other is inherently natural and that humans are inherently involved. The other one is unbalanced.

The innate base of nature design is, in fact, the main source of man-made zine. Nature has a direct impact on the creation or construction of the design.

Natural design possesses a number of qualitative criteria. And the basic theory of this quality was born in the framework of Nandan theory. In fact, the foundation of aesthetic theory has been established by analyzing, imitating and following a natural design that manifests well in the way that nature has invented the properties and functions of nature.

And the free expression of his varied and endless works of art is rarely embodied in the aesthetics of the poet’s artists, that is, the bound art form. Therefore, nature is the main source of all designs.

The following are the design principles:

  1. Rhythm
  2. Appearance
  3. Variety
  4. Unity
  5. Balance.

#1. Rhythm: Changes in the regular position of the Eleuthents used in the composition. The rhythm (Rhythm) that changes in the mother and creates dynamic compositions. However, in a regular situation, the katre sticks will have to be restored in a regular and systematic way, and the dynamics between the materials will get the Ram.

The vast universe we live in is composed of countless planets and stars. One of them. The rules are complied with. Therefore, during the day, night and day, season, cycle, etc. are performed at certain time intervals.

Examples of these rhythms are the use of rhythms like human life to speed up the architecture. The rhythm is created by arranging the materials differently. In making rhythm (Rhythm) materials are good if they are symmetrical, but in this case, there are no rules.

The main thing in the rhythm is the continuity of the movements. If the continuation is lost for some reason then the rhythm falls or the compaction is lost.

Reflections on the various aspects of the composition can be seen in real life, let’s imagine a beautiful arrangement of different rooms in a residential room.

This is primarily done through compositions, and various defects are corrected and made real. So in order to beautifully accelerated in every field of architecture, it is necessary to achieve this through the use of compaction and adequate study for the decoration of materials.

When using rhythm, I feel pretty alive and vibrant. For this reason, it is possible to acquire skills through the necessary training and practice that is considered a beautiful subject in rhythm.


#2. Appearance: There are many different forms and forms throughout the world. The size of a component depends on its internal function and the surrounding environment.

The impact the external environment has on it. If you look at the fauna, you will find that all the different forms are rich in fauna. All types of fish are swimming in water.

Creating fish with special shape so that the fish can easily swim in the water. Has been Fishes differ based on internal functions. In this way, there is a structural difference between the terrestrial, aquatic organisms. The birds fly in the sky. Birds have diverse wings. The wings of a bird are bigger and the wings of bird wings. An animal has four legs or eight legs.

One variant of each tree. These trees once again bear fruit and flowers of one shape. There are various forms scattered in nature.


 #3. Variety: Differentiation is used when different components of a composition are not treated the same or in the same way.

Generally, when the same thing or sub-rate is done it is called homogeneity When the material is partially covered by a group. In general, when contrary religious materials are used, they are called contrast. And of materials. When the medium is changed, it is called variety.

Variety is considered very seriously in Architecture. In general, no architecture is transient. Some architecture survives for ages or centuries. If architecture is uninspired early or within a short period of time The monotony goes away, but for a long time, people have to live in a boring chapter.

This situation is avoided. It is essential to bring about diversity in structures. The diversity of structures or buildings will be such that. * Easily visible to everyone and there will be unity among the materials.

If diversity is easily perceived by humans or. – Not cherubic and the materials seem to be lacking, but in the whole structure, either in a humorous or in a jovial manner. Is presented.

Generally, it varies in terms of structure, plumbing, colors, textures, shapes, etc. The diversity of the properties is brought. Different types of cells (circular, rectangular, triangular) can be used without using the same type of cells in the layout of the rooms.

(i) Build a house with different rooms. The cells are all rectangular in between. Due to its large rectangle, no variation has been made.

(ii)Build houses with different rooms. Due to the diversity in the rooms, they created different variations. This variation was created by the different sizes of the cells.

It is possible to increase the interior variety of buildings by using different types of rooms. Such as a living room, shared room, dining room, kitchen, toilet, staircase, porch, etc.

Variations can be made through various changes in the exterior view of the building. This is quite important. So be careful Prayajan. In general, the outer part is more exposed to people than the interior of the emirate, so it is important to be careful about it.

It is possible to vary the height of the buildings by varying the height, using different types of materials or by changing the external texture.

Diversification using a variety of materials on the exterior of the building. The use of ceramic brick on the walls is the use of the grove line. The use of bent tile, etc., plays a vital role in bringing about diversity.

Again, a variety of materials play a vital role in the use and diversification of windows, porches, ceilings and suspended tiles.


 Unity: Integration of beautiful and consistent bonds between different materials used in the composition. (The stronger the bond is due to quality, the stronger the compaction. On the other hand, the stronger the bond will be.

Creation Although the experienced results of a designer or architect, there are still some rules to follow and stages Sincerely yours in the Katyn through the study of the possible perchance. In general, the instruments organized by promoting unity.

The unity of consistent and gradual increase in the role 



Balance in the composition is a very important issue. Maintain good and interconnected materials between materials used in compaction and by presenting them in a gorgeous presentation. Some principles are followed in the composition. Suppose a combination of different types of materials such as chop – big, etc. is generally followed by this principle of chop to chop. On the contrary, such rules can be arranged in such a way as to be larger than the shaft. In this case, the compositions are usually in equilibrium.

The composition can be balanced in three ways. Namely:

  1. 1 Symmetrical
  2. 2 Asymmetrical
  3. 3 Circular

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